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Different Types of Chocolate: An Overview


The three main types of chocolates are — white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate. But, do you actually know about their varying flavors, compositions, and characteristics? Are you acquainted with the difference between semisweet and bittersweet? Or what makes white chocolate softer than milk chocolate?

This all comes down to the chocolate making process and the ingredients used to make them.

 White Chocolate

It is easy to identify a white chocolate because of its color. The reason for its sweet vanilla aroma are its ingredients: sugar, milk, vanilla, cocoa butter and lecithin. A good quality white chocolate has a rich, soft, and creamy texture.

White chocolate is unique because of absence of cocoa solids which is the reason for the dark brown color and chocolatey taste of a chocolate.  

When stored properly, white chocolate has a shelf life of around four months. White chocolate is great for cooking, baking, and decorating purposes. The adding of white chocolate adds subtle richness to any dish, while all the same letting other flavours shine through. White chocolate’s color confers itself best to decorating cookies, cakes, and confections.

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Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate is regarded as the most popular type of chocolate. The reasons are obvious: its light brown colour, the creamy texture, and sweet flavor. The ingredients that goes into its making:  chocolate liquor (cocoa solids + cocoa butter) sugar, and milk sometimes an emulsifier is added to enhance its smoothness.

Milk Chocolate is characteristically sweeter, and softer than dark chocolate, but not quite as soft and sweet as white chocolate. Milk chocolate has a shelf-life of about 16 months (when properly stored). A great choice for a gift everyone, milk chocolate can be used in baking for adding a milder chocolate flavour.  

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Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate, is the second most popular type of chocolate and has a notable deep brown color. Referred to as black / semisweet chocolate, dark chocolate is noticeably less sweet than milk chocolate. Dark chocolate has quite a lot of health benefits.

Dark chocolate has fairly simple composition — chocolate liquor and sugar. Sometimes a small amount of vanilla and soy lecithin are added.

The flavor profile of dark chocolate is often slightly-sweet and chocolatey. When properly stored, it has a shelf-life of around 20 months. Because of its chocolate-forward flavour profile, dark chocolate is great for baking purposes when your recipe needs a rich, chocolatey flavour.


Chocolates are loved by one and all. The health benefits of a chocolate add more reason to consume it regularly. Start making your own chocolates at home with Clazkit chocolate moulds and enjoy tasty and smooth texture chocolates.







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